Monday, May 07, 2007

HUSH Report for Tuesday May 8th

Another full slate of games so no need not to fill the squads. It is also a better day for hitters than pitchers on this fine Tuesday.

Included today are the top hitters by position, pitchers worth gambling your innings on and new addition of pitchers not worth gambling on.

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CIvan Rodriguez Horacio Ramirez3/8 (.375)
CGerald LairdAndy Pettitte2/5 (.400)
1BMark TeixeiraAndy Pettitte8/16 (.500)
1BDerrek LeeIan Snell4/11 (.364)
2BJeff KentWes Obermueller 6/14 (.429)
2BLuis CastilloJavieer Vazquez13/38 (.342)
3BAramis RamirezIan Snell 5/13(.385)
3BDavid WrightMatt Cain3/6 (.500)
SSDerek Jeter Mike Wood3/7 (.429)
SSRafael FurcalWes Obermueller2/3 (.667)
OFVernon WellsJosh Beckett 7/15 (.467)
OFRaul IbanezJeremy Bonderman8/19 (.421)
OFKen Griffey JrWandy Rodriguez6/8 (.750)
OFVladimir GuerreroCliff Lee 7/17(.412)
OFIchiroJeremy Bonderman7/18 (.389)
Others/UTJeff CirilloJavier Vazquez5/6 (.833)
Others/UTMichael CuddyerJavier Vazquez8/20 (.400)

A few trends can be seen in todays selections:

1. Twins should put some runs on the board in the Dome
2. The Wrigley faithful should see the Cubbies offense produce
3. Runs will be a plenty in Yankee stadium
4. Mariners offense should get back on track in Detroit

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Tuesday:

They are few and far between as the offense will be in high gear

1. Tom Glavine vs. Giants who hit only 15/79 or .189 against him


1. Adam Eaton vs. Diamondbacks who are a paltry .138 average against
2. Victor Zambrano vs. Boston and Josh Beckett (Sox have hit 22/103 or .214)
3. Chad Gaudin vs. struggling Royals who are 5/22 or .227 vs. Chad


Pitchers to Avoid:

There are a lot of them on this offensive heavy day.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Horacio RamirezDetroit12/22 (.546)
Ted Lilly Pittsburgh9/22 (.410)
Dave BushNationals18/46 (.391)
Ervin SantanaCleveland15/42 (.357)
Jeremy BondermanSeattle35/115 (.304)
Javier VazquezMinnesota50/167 (.299)

Best of luck to you all!

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your comments. Thanks for the hard work. I followed your advice on Damon, Renteria, Carlos Lee and A. Jones. So far, not so good. Oh well, I'll keep it up for a few more days and let you know how things turn out. I'm hovering around the $500 range and I've had a lot of success picking up and dropping pitchers to boost my roster value. You could begin pointing out bargains using the PPE ratio (i.e. H. Pence, F. Carmona, T. Gorzellany, G. Meche, and others). I'm not sure why these guys are still flying under the radar (or the $10 mark), but I'll take all the cheap points I can get! Thanks again for getting the ball rolling. I'm hoping others will join in...Rotohog's a little clunky, but they seem like they're putting it all together.