Friday, May 11, 2007

HUSH Report for Saturday May 12th

Saturday baseball! Since I am out and about let's get right to it.

Offense should continue to shine!

Here are Saturday's top offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CAJ Pierzynski Elarton6/16 (.375)
CJorge PosadaBatista5/11 (.455)
1BTodd HeltonZito4/7 (.571)
1BJustin MorneauDurbin3/4(.750)
2BCraig BiggioHernandez 6/13 (.462)
2BRay DurhamFrancis12/26 (.462)
3BAlex RodriguezBatista 6/13 (.462)
3BAramis RamirezGarcia4/9 (.444)
SSRafael FurcalLohse4/5 (.800)
SSHanley RamirezChico3/5 (.600)
OFMagglio OrdonezPonson 10/18 (.556)
OFHideki MatsuiBatista8/15 (.533)
OFBarry BondsFrancis5/13 (.385)
OFVladimir GuerreroLoe5/16 (.313) OWNS TEXAS
OFMoises AlouSheets12/33 (.364)
Others/UTRyan FreelPenny6/14 (.429)
Others/UTEmil BrownBuehrle12/29 (.414)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Saturday:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Roy OswaltArizona13/55 (.230)
Curt SchillingBaltimore43/199 (.210)
Chris YoungSt. Louis5/31 (.160)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Freddy GarciaChicago16/84 (.190)
Brad PennyCincinnati22/76 (.280)
Barry ZitoColorado14/71 (.190)

Pitchers to Avoid:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Sidney PonsonDetroit38/101 (.380)
Livan HernandezHouston 32/98 (.322)
Ben SheetsNew York29/105 (.277)

Things to look for:

1. Roy Oswalt continuation for NL Cy Young quest
2. Magglio Ordonez to stay RED HOT
3. Vladimir Guerrero to continue his domination of Ranger pitchers

Best of luck to you all!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

HUSH Report for Friday May 11th

Ahh the weekend. Time when baseball is at its best. I will be taking in the beauty of the Pacific NW this weekend. Taking in the Yankees vs. Mariners Friday night and boating around the Puget Sound the rest of the weekend. Due to my festivities, I plan on attempting to publish the match ups for this weekend either late tonight or early tomorrow.

Should be a great weekend for offense!

Here are Friday's top offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CAJ Pierzynski Perez3/7 (.429)
CPaul LoDucaSuppan6/16 (.375)
1BAdam DunnWolf6/16 (.375)
1BMark TeixeiraLackey17/38(.447)
2BChase UtleyHill 2/3 (.667)
2BRay DurhamFogg7/18 (.389)
3BHank BlalockLackey 16/48 (.333)
3BAramis RamirezLieber9/14 (.643)
SSRafael Furcal Arroyo4/11 (.364)
SSMichael YoungLackey19/56 (.339)
OFMagglio OrdonezSantana 14/31 (.452)
OFCarlos LeeWebb5/11 (.455)
OFBarry BondsFoggDominates in Coors
OFVladimir GuerreroPadilla12/32 (.375)
OFGary Matthews Jr.Padilla5/6 (.833) Texas return
Others/UTAlfonso SorianoLieber2/5 (.400)
Others/UTAubrey HuffTavarez4/9 (.444)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Friday:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
AJ BurnettTampa Bay12/58 (.207)
Johan SantanaDetroit53/220 (.241)
Brandon WebbHouston24/103 (.233)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Jake PeavySt. Louis18/62 (.290)
Rich HillPhiladelphia5/19 (.263)
CC SabathiaOakland28/91 (.308)
Jon GarlandKansas City43/143 (.301)

Pitchers to Avoid:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Josh FoggSan Francisco32/108 (.296)
Bronson ArroyoLos Angeles 17/50 (.340)
Randy WolfCincinnati 19/63 (.302)

Things to look for:

1. Johan Santana
2. Texas Rangers offense to continue to hit
3. Rich Hill to have his worst outing of the season
4. Me down the 3rd base line in Safeco

Best of luck to you all!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

HUSH Report for Thursday May 10

We have come to Thursday which gives us the beginning of a few series and the get away day for a few series. Get away days are always tough as some managers choose to rest specific players, but we will not even try and guess whom those players will be.

It is kind of a hit or miss day for both pitching and hitting so we will see how things shake out.

Here are today's top offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CRamon Hernandez Fossumon fire since DL stint
CGerald LairdWang2/5 (.400)
1BTodd HeltonLowry7/19 (.368)
1BMark TeixeiraWang3/7 (.429)
2BMarquis GilesHudson 3/4 (.750)
2BMark GrudzielanekKennedy4/11 (.364)
3BJoe CredeSilva 11/31 (.355)
3BAramis RamirezMaholm3/6 (.500)
SSJuan Uribe Silva15/30 (.500)
SSMiguel TejadaFossum8/23 (.348)
OFMagglio OrdonezWeaver 3/4 (.750)
OFJermaine DyeSilva7/15 (.467)
OFBarry BondsCook11/23 (.478)
OFXavier NadyZambrano 6/13 (.472)
OFJay GibbonsFossum7/18 (.389)
Others/UTTravis HafnerEscobar6/14 (.429)
Others/UTDavid OrtizHalladay17/57 (.298)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Thursday:

Kind of a hit or miss, but those who are watching innings, I would take the day off.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Derek LoweFlorida9/59 (.153)
Tim WakefieldToronto37/154 (.240)
Chien-Ming WangTexas8/33 (.242)
Justin VerlanderSeattle6/26 (.231)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Roy HalladayBoston76/300 (.253)
Carlos ZambranoPittsburgh36/145 (.248)
Tim HudsonSan Diego30/107 (.280)

Pitchers to Avoid:

Today's list includes a couple of hurlers hoping the humidor is working and a pitcher who has been dominated in his career by his opponent.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Noah LowryColorado35/108 (.324)
Aaron CookSan Francisco52/172 (.302)
Carlos SilvaChicago White Sox65/181 (.359)

Things to look for:

1. An offensive explosion at Coors Field this weekend
2. Tough outings by reliable starters
3. Closers becoming more reliable

Best of luck to you all!

Monday, May 07, 2007

HUSH Report for Wednesday May 9th

It is time to unveil the inaugural Hump Day HUSH Report.

Definitely a better selection of Starting Pitching to spend your 1300 innings on, but also some pretty quality offensive plays.

Here are the top Hump Day offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CPaul LoDuca Matt Morris7/10 (.700)
CAJ PierzynskiRamon Ortiz4/8 (.500)
1BNomar GarciaparraDontrelle Willis4/9 (.444)
1BPaul KonerkoRamon Ortiz4/10 (.400)
2BTy WiggintonEric Bedard 6/16 (.375)
2BKelly JohnsonGreg Maddux2/3 (.667)
3BMike LowellTomo Ohka 13/35 (.371)
3BEric ChavezGil Meche9/28 (.321)
SSEdgar Renteria Greg Maddux7/17 (.412)
SSJimmy RollinsRandy Johnson5/14 (.357)
OFJason BayJason Marquis 13/27 (.481)
OFNick MarkakisJames Shields7/15 (.467)
OFKen Griffey JrWoody Williams4/11 (.364)
OFVladimir GuerreroPaul Byrd 2/3 (.667)
OFIchiroNate Robertson7/22 (.318)
Others/UTBrian GilesJohn Smoltz7/16 (.438)
Others/UTJosh HamiltonWoody Williams2/3 (.667)
Others/UTHideki MatsuiRobinson Tejeda3/5 (.600)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Wednesday:

A much better selection to risk your innings on then the Tuesday edition

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Dan HarenKansas City11/48 (.229)
Mike Mussina Texas24/117 (.205)
Jaime MoyerArizona7/39 (.179)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Daisuke MatsuzakaToronto3/20 (.150)
Jered WeaverCleveland5/30 (.167)
John DanksMinnesota3/19 (.158)

Pitchers to Avoid:

Today's list includes a future Hall of Famer and some guys who have pitched well this season.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Greg MadduxAtlanta26/64 (.406)
Paul ByrdAngels12/33 (.364)
Matt MorrisNY Mets5/154 (.357)
Ramon OrtizWhite Sox18/53 (.340)
Gil MecheOakland40/126 (.315)

Things that stick out for this first Hump Day Edition:

1. The 2007 version of the Big Red Machine will be on full throttle in Cincinnati
2. Weather warming, wind blowing, balls leave the yard at Wrigley
3. Bronx bombers tee off on an ailing Robinson Tejeda and Texas Rangers staff
4. The crafty veteran (Jaime Moyer) keeps the young Diamondback hitters in check
5. Braves offense rudely welcomes Greg Maddux back to Atlanta

Best of luck to you all!

HUSH Report for Tuesday May 8th

Another full slate of games so no need not to fill the squads. It is also a better day for hitters than pitchers on this fine Tuesday.

Included today are the top hitters by position, pitchers worth gambling your innings on and new addition of pitchers not worth gambling on.

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CIvan Rodriguez Horacio Ramirez3/8 (.375)
CGerald LairdAndy Pettitte2/5 (.400)
1BMark TeixeiraAndy Pettitte8/16 (.500)
1BDerrek LeeIan Snell4/11 (.364)
2BJeff KentWes Obermueller 6/14 (.429)
2BLuis CastilloJavieer Vazquez13/38 (.342)
3BAramis RamirezIan Snell 5/13(.385)
3BDavid WrightMatt Cain3/6 (.500)
SSDerek Jeter Mike Wood3/7 (.429)
SSRafael FurcalWes Obermueller2/3 (.667)
OFVernon WellsJosh Beckett 7/15 (.467)
OFRaul IbanezJeremy Bonderman8/19 (.421)
OFKen Griffey JrWandy Rodriguez6/8 (.750)
OFVladimir GuerreroCliff Lee 7/17(.412)
OFIchiroJeremy Bonderman7/18 (.389)
Others/UTJeff CirilloJavier Vazquez5/6 (.833)
Others/UTMichael CuddyerJavier Vazquez8/20 (.400)

A few trends can be seen in todays selections:

1. Twins should put some runs on the board in the Dome
2. The Wrigley faithful should see the Cubbies offense produce
3. Runs will be a plenty in Yankee stadium
4. Mariners offense should get back on track in Detroit

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Tuesday:

They are few and far between as the offense will be in high gear

1. Tom Glavine vs. Giants who hit only 15/79 or .189 against him


1. Adam Eaton vs. Diamondbacks who are a paltry .138 average against
2. Victor Zambrano vs. Boston and Josh Beckett (Sox have hit 22/103 or .214)
3. Chad Gaudin vs. struggling Royals who are 5/22 or .227 vs. Chad


Pitchers to Avoid:

There are a lot of them on this offensive heavy day.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Horacio RamirezDetroit12/22 (.546)
Ted Lilly Pittsburgh9/22 (.410)
Dave BushNationals18/46 (.391)
Ervin SantanaCleveland15/42 (.357)
Jeremy BondermanSeattle35/115 (.304)
Javier VazquezMinnesota50/167 (.299)

Best of luck to you all!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

HUSH Report for Monday May 7th

Once again I would like to thank all of you that have looked into the HUSH Report and have commented both positively and negatively. I am planning on following the projections and publishing a periodic report on the players listed.

With the weekend behind us, hopefully the first two installments have helped you with your decision making. With a shortened Monday schedule consisting of only 9 games here are the players for you to consider to help you start the week off right.

Tough pickings at a couple of positions today but there is always somebody to throw on your squad.

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CRussell MartinRicky Nolasco2/4 (.500)
1BAlbert PujolsJeff Francis3/6 (.500)
2BCraig BiggioKyle Lohse 3/9 (.333)
2BBrandon PhillipsRoy Oswalt3/14 (.308)
3BAlex RodriguezMiguel Batista 5/10(.500)
3BChipper JonesChris Young4/4 (1.000)
SSEdgar Renteria Chris Young4/6 (.667)
SSFelipe LopezChris Capuano5/8 (.625)
OFJohnny DamonMiguel Batista 10/20 (.500)
OFHideki MatsuiMiguel Batista7/12 (.583)
OFCarlos LeeKyle Lohse13/36(.361)
OFCorey PattersonFausto Carmona 4/7 (.571)
OFAndruw JonesChris Young3/7 (.429)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Monday:

1. Oliver Perez vs. SF Giants who are hitting .200 (9/45) off him. Also K potential
2. Jeff Francis vs. St. Louis who are hitting .155 (11/71) off him
3. Doug Davis vs. Philadelphia who are hitting .136 (3/22) off him. Also K potential

Best of luck to you all!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

HUSH Report for Sunday May 6th

Thanks to all of you that have looked into the HUSH Report and commented. I plan on following the projections and publishing a periodic report on the players listed.

So hopefully your Cinco de Mayo roster performed and here are the top match ups for Sunday May 6th:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CIvan RodriguezZach Greinke6/13 (.462)
CAJ PierzynskiBartolo Colon5/16 (.313)
1BLance BerkmanBraden Looper3/3 (1.000)
1BJustin MorneauCurt Schilling2/5 (.400)
2BOrlando HudsonMike Pelfrey on fire
2BMarquis GilesScott Olsen4/5 (.800)
3BAlex RodriguezJarrod Washburn 8/25(.320)
3BDavid WrightLivan Hernandez11/28 (.393)
SSEdgar Renteria Randy Wolf6/17 (.355)
SSOrlando CabreraMark Buehrle11/32 (.344)
OFJason BayBen Sheets 7/17 (.412)
OFKenny LoftonAJ Burnett6/15 (.400)
OFKen Griffey JrJosh Fogg7/19(.368)
OFTorii HunterCurt Schilling 4/8 (.500)
OFCarl CrawfordJoe Blanton5/18 (.385)
Others/UTDavid OrtizSidney Ponson10/19 (.526)
Others/UTMike SweeneyChad Durbin8/11 (.727)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Sunday:

1. Bronson Arroyo vs. Rockies who hit only 8/44 or .182 against him
2. Jake Peavy vs. Marlins who will be swinging and missing freely
3. CC Sabathia vs. Baltimore (Indians 4-0 in CC Starts)

Best of luck to you all!

Friday, May 04, 2007

HUSH (Helping U Score in rotoHog) Report for May 5th

This is the first installment of the HUSH Report to assist players in the newest Fantasy Baseball Craze....Rotohog.

I will attempt to complete this report on a daily basis by 8 PM PST (release of held funds) giving players an idea of who the good match ups are for the following day. The report may change in appearance from time to time once I get more creative, but the content will be the same. That content will be a list of 2-3 players at each position that match up well with the opposing pitcher. Included with the player name will be his numbers vs. that pitcher.

Without further ado, here is the inaugural list of match ups for Saturday May 5th, Cinco de Mayo:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CIvan RodriguezOdalis Perez3/7 (.429)
CJason VaritekJohan Santana6/12 (.500)
1BLance BerkmanKip Wells9/27 (.333)
1BAdam DunnAaron Cook3/6 (.500)
2BOrlando HudsonAaron Sele5/12(.417)
2BRay DurhamJon Lieber7/10 (.700)
3BAlex RodriguezJeff Weaver6/14(..429)
3BDavid WrightBrandon Webb6/12 (.500)
SSJJ HardyZach Duke7/10 (.700)
SSOrlando CabreraJon Garland9/22 (.409)
OFDavid DeJesusMike Maroth14/25 (.560)
OFEmil BrownMike Maroth10/27 (.370)
OFMoises AlouBrandon Webb11/23 (.478)
OFMagglio OrdonezOdalis Perez3/5 (.600)
OFCarl CrawfordJoe Kennedy2/3 (.667)
OFAdam LindVicente Padilla3/7 (.429)
Others/UTChase UtleyNoah Lowry4/9 (.444)
Others/UTBill HallZach Duke7/22 (.318)

Starting Pitchers worth using your 1300 innings on:

1. John Lackey vs. weak hitting (.221)White Sox
2. Aaron Harang vs. Rockies team he owns 3-1 2.57 ERA
3. Scott Kazmir vs. injured Oakland A's squad
4. Roy Halladay vs. non-hitting Texas Rangers ball club
5. Rich Hill vs. worst team in recent baseball history
6. Johan Santana vs. Boston in the Metrodome
7. Daniel Cabrera in the pitching friendly Camden Yards

Best of luck to you all!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff at Rotohog for featuring my blog on their website. It is my plan to post a daily list of players by position that are expected to perform well against the following days pitchers.

This will give individuals playing the game a little insight into whom they should purchase and play the following day.

Best of luck to all you Rotohog players out there and thanks again to the staff at Rotohog for making Diff's Diamond Drivel a part of their fine game.