Friday, May 11, 2007

HUSH Report for Saturday May 12th

Saturday baseball! Since I am out and about let's get right to it.

Offense should continue to shine!

Here are Saturday's top offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CAJ Pierzynski Elarton6/16 (.375)
CJorge PosadaBatista5/11 (.455)
1BTodd HeltonZito4/7 (.571)
1BJustin MorneauDurbin3/4(.750)
2BCraig BiggioHernandez 6/13 (.462)
2BRay DurhamFrancis12/26 (.462)
3BAlex RodriguezBatista 6/13 (.462)
3BAramis RamirezGarcia4/9 (.444)
SSRafael FurcalLohse4/5 (.800)
SSHanley RamirezChico3/5 (.600)
OFMagglio OrdonezPonson 10/18 (.556)
OFHideki MatsuiBatista8/15 (.533)
OFBarry BondsFrancis5/13 (.385)
OFVladimir GuerreroLoe5/16 (.313) OWNS TEXAS
OFMoises AlouSheets12/33 (.364)
Others/UTRyan FreelPenny6/14 (.429)
Others/UTEmil BrownBuehrle12/29 (.414)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Saturday:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Roy OswaltArizona13/55 (.230)
Curt SchillingBaltimore43/199 (.210)
Chris YoungSt. Louis5/31 (.160)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Freddy GarciaChicago16/84 (.190)
Brad PennyCincinnati22/76 (.280)
Barry ZitoColorado14/71 (.190)

Pitchers to Avoid:

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Sidney PonsonDetroit38/101 (.380)
Livan HernandezHouston 32/98 (.322)
Ben SheetsNew York29/105 (.277)

Things to look for:

1. Roy Oswalt continuation for NL Cy Young quest
2. Magglio Ordonez to stay RED HOT
3. Vladimir Guerrero to continue his domination of Ranger pitchers

Best of luck to you all!


John said...

I would suggest batters 1-9 against Ponson tomorrow....but they may only get 2 AB's against the Pontoon!! Keep up the great HUSH report...enjoy it! Thundar.

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