Wednesday, May 09, 2007

HUSH Report for Thursday May 10

We have come to Thursday which gives us the beginning of a few series and the get away day for a few series. Get away days are always tough as some managers choose to rest specific players, but we will not even try and guess whom those players will be.

It is kind of a hit or miss day for both pitching and hitting so we will see how things shake out.

Here are today's top offensive match ups:

PosPlayerOpp PitH/AB (Avg)
CRamon Hernandez Fossumon fire since DL stint
CGerald LairdWang2/5 (.400)
1BTodd HeltonLowry7/19 (.368)
1BMark TeixeiraWang3/7 (.429)
2BMarquis GilesHudson 3/4 (.750)
2BMark GrudzielanekKennedy4/11 (.364)
3BJoe CredeSilva 11/31 (.355)
3BAramis RamirezMaholm3/6 (.500)
SSJuan Uribe Silva15/30 (.500)
SSMiguel TejadaFossum8/23 (.348)
OFMagglio OrdonezWeaver 3/4 (.750)
OFJermaine DyeSilva7/15 (.467)
OFBarry BondsCook11/23 (.478)
OFXavier NadyZambrano 6/13 (.472)
OFJay GibbonsFossum7/18 (.389)
Others/UTTravis HafnerEscobar6/14 (.429)
Others/UTDavid OrtizHalladay17/57 (.298)

Starting Pitchers worth looking at for Thursday:

Kind of a hit or miss, but those who are watching innings, I would take the day off.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Derek LoweFlorida9/59 (.153)
Tim WakefieldToronto37/154 (.240)
Chien-Ming WangTexas8/33 (.242)
Justin VerlanderSeattle6/26 (.231)


PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Roy HalladayBoston76/300 (.253)
Carlos ZambranoPittsburgh36/145 (.248)
Tim HudsonSan Diego30/107 (.280)

Pitchers to Avoid:

Today's list includes a couple of hurlers hoping the humidor is working and a pitcher who has been dominated in his career by his opponent.

PitcherOpponent H/AB (Avg against)
Noah LowryColorado35/108 (.324)
Aaron CookSan Francisco52/172 (.302)
Carlos SilvaChicago White Sox65/181 (.359)

Things to look for:

1. An offensive explosion at Coors Field this weekend
2. Tough outings by reliable starters
3. Closers becoming more reliable

Best of luck to you all!


Anonymous said...

Bonds is facing Aaron Cook today...

JD's Jabber said...

Thanks. Tough for him to face his own pitcher. The key is 4 games in Coors.